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A Leading Choice in Glass Partition Doors

At G&K Shopfronts & Shutter Ltd, we have extensive experience in designing and installing all types of glass partitioning systems. Contact our Rainham-based team to discuss your requirements.

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2-Year Warranty on Parts

1-Year on Workmanship

24-7 Callouts

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Create an Open, Airy Space

With glass partitions and partition doors, you can create an elegant and stylish space that is sure to transform your home or business. At G&K Shopfronts & Shutter, we can install top-of-the-line glass partition doors in any home, shared residential space, and even commercial spaces across Essex. Each partition door that we create is designed to fit your specific needs and budget.

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We Can Also Handle Repairs

If you’re experiencing any issues with a glass partition door, give our team a call. In addition to new installations, we can be trusted to handle repairs, replacements and upgrades.


Our team can resolve a range of issues, from sticking hinges and locks through to damaged pane replacement. No matter your needs, you’ll benefit from our team’s 10-plus years of experience, and our commitment to complete every job to a high standard.


In addition to glass doors, we can also install high-quality aluminium doors, balcony rails and more.

Why Make Us Your First Choice?

Over 10 years’ industry experience

We only use quality materials and components

We can install permanent and temporary partition doors

Emergency callouts available

2-year warranty on parts

1-year on workmanship

“Lovely guy. Good job and very professional!”

- SamS-1128

Five stars

What Our Clients Say

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Make G&K Shopfronts & Shutter Your Number One Choice for Glass Partition Doors. for Services in Rainham and The Wider Area Call:

Call us on 020 8935 5764 or 07748 776469 to find out more today!

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